Biomonitor A/S is a rapidly growing Danish biotechnology company. We are a leader in theranostics and combine the development of innovative and proprietary bioassays with the capabilities of a state-of-the-art Clinical Reference Laboratory.

Biomonitor provides the following major services:

1) Specialized CRO services in the field of biopharmaceuticals including PK, PD, and Immunogenicity.

2) Patient monitoring services. Measurement of drug levels and immunogenicity of biopharmaceuticals in patients under therapy of these drugs.

3) Customized reporter-gene cell-based assay development.

Biomonitor supports pharma and biotech companies in the development of biopharmaceuticals. Biomonitor also helps physicians to define proper therapy while carefully monitoring their patient during treatment. This synergy of products and services within a single company has brought Biomonitor to the leading edge of theranostics with focus on personalized medicine.

Biomonitor A/S is located in the Medicon Valley region at Symbion Science Park, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Biomonitor has its ISO 13485 Product Development and Manufacturing Facility in Galway, Ireland. These products are based on the gene reporter technology for cell-based assays and kits called iLite™ . These bio-assays allow the precise and sensitive measurement of potency and antibodies to biologicals in a simple and rapid test format.

The company has three sites: Customized reporter gene cell line and assay development in Paris, Manufacturing of cells and kits according to ISO13485 standards in Galway, and GLP compliant Clinical Reference Lab in Copenhagen. The Biomonitor team has extensive and hands-on experience in assay development, optimization, validation and bioanalytical services.